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Elderly people at the Retirement House

Is Investing in a Retirement Home profitable?

Retirement Villages are residential communities designed for seniors looking for a secure community filled with like-minded and same-aged people. It is a well-managed, gated, and secured community that provides various shared common areas and amenities tailored to senior citizens as per their lifestyle. Every retirement home is different as it offers several social and leisure

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Retirement Living Houses: More than you expect

Community retirement homes are gaining prominence as they give the best of the benefits and facilities for senior people who strive to get ultimate lifestyle solutions for themselves. These retirement living houses are the latest concept gaining more momentum in cities as more and more older people are getting friendly with its environment as they

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How Retirement Villages affect your Life – The Cotswolds Village

Selling and moving out of your home may seem very overwhelming, and you may weigh your options in a panic to make the right decision for you.

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8 Retirement Planning Steps Everyone Should Take

When it comes to moving to your next phase of life, there are feelings of apprehension and anxiety. But most of the time, retirement planning takes a back seat as it is not the most exciting part of financial commitments.

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Retirement village

10 Benefits of Living in a Retirement Village

Retirement villages are one of the best places to live for individuals who want to live out their golden years peacefully. What’s more is that things like paying the utility bills, house and garden maintenance, and sometimes even making your meals are no longer a worry for you if you live in a retirement village.

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Retirement hobbies list

Retirement Hobbies That Are Good For Your Health

Retirement Hobbies That Are Good For Your Health Retirement life often encompasses a myriad of challenges, most of which stemming from boredom and living monotonously. However, that does not always have to be the case. There are so many good hobbies for retirees that can keep them happy and busy while simultaneously contributing positively to

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Retirement Villages Sydney: All You Need to Know

Retirement villages: answers to the most frequently asked questions Retirement villages are buildings where a community of seniors lives in independent living units and shares common facilities. We hope the following retirement village news & retirement village events will be of interest and inform you. Below you will find the most frequently asked questions with regard

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retirement village Sydney

Retirement Village in Sydney: 5 Facts You Need to Know

A Retirement Village is a residential complex that is mainly inhabited by pensioners older than 55 who have entered into a form of contractual arrangement with the owner. 1 # What is retirement living property or a retirement village? Retirement villages are housing projects designed for people over 55 who offer a range of accommodation options, services,

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Understand 5 Facts for Selecting Best Retirement Village

We analyzed the queries of a large number of visitors who visited The Cotswolds retirement village to answer the question. We got queries like, are retirement villages a good idea? Moreover, what are the retirement village fees? Based on the research findings, we have uncovered five important understanding of retirement accommodation information that impacts decision-making. Top 5

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Cotswolds Retirement Village

Comprehensive Guide for Choosing the Best Retirement Village

This is the most comprehensive retirement village guide to select the best retirement villages in Australia.  In this article, we will provide 12 important considerations when finding a peaceful and first-class retirement village in Australia. When considering any retirement village in Australia, consider these valuable tips. Let’s get started on how to choose a senior living community.

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Medieval London

Medieval London

Presented by Isolde Martyn Coffee & Chat Thursday 11th April 2.30 pm in the Lounge Isolde Martyn is best known for well-researched historical novels set against turbulent times. Her debut novel The Maiden and the Unicornwon the prestigious RITA Award for ‘Best First Novel’ from Romance Writers of America. Chairperson of the Plantagenet Society of Australia,

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Poetry Reading Club

In the Billiard Room Level 1 – 2.30pm—3.30pm Any resident who wishes to read or recite a poem at this meeting should let Ken Knight know the name of the poem, its author, and the approximate time needed as soon as possible so an Agenda can be distributed before the meeting. Any resident who would

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Folk Dancing Group

Folk Dancing Group

Every Tuesday From 2 pm—3 pm at the Sports Club. No partners are necessary. Come along and give it a go & join the group for coffee afterward. Chris would love to see new residents joining in her classes of folk dances from around the world. The power of dance improves physical and mental wellbeing

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