The Cotswolds Retirement Village – a unique established community

Exploring the Best Retirement Properties for Independent Living

Approaching retirement age can be a source of anxiety and stress due to the many impactful biological and external changes that can be daunting to navigate and transition through to live a wholesome life. This is more so when living independently without the emotional support of family and loved ones. This paradigm shift from being […]

What Do You Need to Know Before Investing In A Retirement Village?

Shifting to a retirement village is a great way to spend the golden years of your later life. However, with so many choices available in the market, it is tough to make the right financial and personal decision. The only way to come to the right conclusion is to have all the information. In most […]

5 Reasons To Start Living In A Retirement Village In Australia

Looking for a new way to enjoy your golden years?  Retirement villages are changing the image of the traditional senior living experience. These communities offer a comfortable lifestyle with endless fun-filled opportunities for socialising. No more relying on canes and slippers – imagine living in a chic hotel year-round with all the amenities readily available. […]

Why do People Retire in a Senior Village Rather Than Living at Home?

Whether you want a taste of the good life in a safe environment or are looking for a manageable home, moving to an old village may be the perfect decision. With lots of green spaces for spending time with people their age, these Modern retirement homes can keep their residents in the best of their […]

Things People Should Know About Retirement Villages

Downsizing after retirement and taking advantage of retirement homes is more than just getting away from back-breaking housework. It is also about finding the right home and community that you like and that fits your lifestyle.  Therefore, it is crucial to determine how you will spend your golden years. This article will cover everything you […]

How are retirement villages more affordable than regular homes?

Traditionally, human society developed for protection and sustenance, which evolved into a community that socialised and cared for each other.  As humans progressed, the social trends and requirements also changed, leading to nuclear family set-ups and, with the fast pace of life, the family set-up also underwent a metamorphosis.  Now, many people want to live […]

How to live Life to the fullest in a Retirement Village

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average age at which people retire in Australia is 55.4 years.  So, you have enough time on your hand to stay active and catch up with everything that you have always wanted to do.  Retirement villages are close-knit communities where everyone wants to lead a relaxed life […]

Why are retirement village residents happier than other retirees?

What comes to your mind when you think of your retirement?  A glossy retirement life with zero stress, complete control over your decisions and happy moments?  This will be a time of no work, only play, no stress, no major responsibilities that haven’t been taken care of, and NO WORRIES!  This will be the time […]

Retirement Hobbies That Are Good For Your Health

Retirement Hobbies That Are Good For Your Health Retirement life often encompasses a myriad of challenges, most of which stemming from boredom and living monotonously. However, that does not always have to be the case. There are so many good hobbies for retirees that can keep them happy and busy while simultaneously contributing positively to […]

Retirement Villages Sydney: All You Need to Know

Retirement villages: answers to the most frequently asked questions Retirement villages are buildings where a community of seniors lives in independent living units and shares common facilities. We hope the following retirement village news & retirement village events will be of interest and inform you. Below you will find the most frequently asked questions with regard […]