The Cotswolds Retirement Village – a unique established community

People dream about their life after retirement. After years of struggle and working hard, you have all the right to choose a space to spend your life after retirement. It is very important to check for certain amenities within the vicinity of your retirement house so that you do not face any sort of trouble. Make sure to check if the retirement houses offer any type of activities to socialize with other people in your retirement housing complex. If you are wondering How does a retirement village work, here’s all you need to know!

A retirement village works as a community living space for individuals above the age of 55. Usually, most people struggle in their youth with a hectic schedule and hustle and bustle for building a career and gaining stability. After reaching the age of retirement one opts for a life of seclusion, peace, and comfort- the well-deserved rest. The retirement village is based on this concept. There are many facilities provided by retirement villages like a library, gym, swimming pool, and garden areas. Such places are usually built with nearby hospitals and healthcare centers. 

The retirement villages offer a retirement community living with many people of the same age group. Every retirement village must offer secure facilities to the people living there. People like to live on their own terms after reaching a certain age. People wish to live in a comfortable environment with the availability of the best of the facilities to them. At the Cotswolds, you will be served with the best of facilities. You will be able to enjoy your retired life in peace and serenity. 

Why is the Cotswolds Retirement Village special?

If you are looking for a retirement village, the Cotswolds is a place for the best retirement living options. You will be getting several facilities in this retirement village. You can avail several facilities to socialize with other people in the village. You can keep yourself engaged in several activities organized by the community. Check out some of the activities offered at the Cotswolds-

  1. Creative writing group
  2. Current affairs discussion group
  3. Bingo or poetry reading
  4. Dance classes
  5. Hydrotherapy
  6. Exercise classes
  7. Walking Group
  8. Meditation class
  9. Yoga
  10. Art classes
  11. Craft classes

There are open areas where you can chat and socialize with your friends, and form clubs based on similar interests. You may even avail some of the activities and keep yourself engaged joyfully. Right after retirement, people usually do not understand how to keep themselves engaged with work, but these fun activities help you keep busy and engage you in activities that excite you. 

What are the benefits of living in the Cotswolds?

Living at the Cotswolds is an incredible experience in itself. The wide range of facilities available in terms of choosing residences or activities helps in enhancing the experience of living.

  1. You will get a variety of residential options From studio or one-bedroom serviced apartments to one or two-bedroom independent living units, there is a wide range of options available in the Cotswolds. You will get 24-hour nursing facilities incorporated into the residences. Each apartment is provided with an emergency contact pendant and emergency call buttons located in the bathrooms. The extensive gardens available around the units help in enhancing the beauty of the place. This helps in calming your mind and helps you stay positive. 
  1. You will get a variety of facilities You will get 24-hour nursing assistance facilities along with several other facilities. You can avail of one-to-one sessions with physiotherapists every week. There are also several activities which you can join like swimming sessions, gym sessions, hydrotherapy classes, and exercise classes. Some of the health services offered by the village are-

a. Podiatry

b. Audiology 

c. Optical 

d. Dental

You can also choose to avail meal services, bed change, and cleaning services. It also has 24/7 CCTV coverage in all communal areas.


Before choosing your retirement village, be very sure if the retirement village offers the bare minimum to fun facilities that suit your needs. Check the security options, availability of healthcare facilities, and the activities offered by them. At Cotswolds, you will get the above facilities and many more. You will love the ambiance at the Cotswolds. It is perfect for living a peaceful life in a serene atmosphere. At Cotswolds, you live the way you want. If you wish to live your blissful years with independence and have a hazard-free life with no restrictions or responsibilities, you must choose the Cotswolds as your new retirement home.