The Cotswolds Retirement Village – a unique established community

Retirement is a stage in life we all know is an inevitable part of our journey, yet most of us seem to be least prepared for it and lead a lackadaisical life in the golden period when we should be living it to the fullest. As per studies, the two most vulnerable periods of your life are the first year after birth and the first year of retirement. Unfortunately, our society forgets to guide and prepare us for this important phase in our lives when we can finally live for ourselves. And to fulfil this essential need, the concept of retirement villages and their establishment began to cover this neglected part of life.

Retirement villages across the world are a home away from home, offering a quality life replete with care, active lifestyle choices, and a close-knit atmosphere sans any responsibility or stress. As the young generations spread their wings wider, the parents find themselves alone without a support system in their senior years. The awareness of the need to live a fulfilling life post-retirement and the need for support and community care are two reasons why more and more seniors are now opting to spend their retirement years in senior living communities.

A happy and content life depends on the choices you make and how you integrate them into your life. Your retirement years need not be lonely, forlorn, and purposeless, and to make sure they are full of life, we suggest you consider the following guidelines:

Guidelines to live your happiest life after retirement

  1. Planning: Old age is unavoidable, but age-related ailments can definitely be minimised if not completely avoided. Begin preparing for your retirement at least 10–15 years before, both concerning your health and finances. Make exercise an essential part of your routine, invest in health and medical insurance, and start a retirement savings fund for yourself and your partner to live in independent living facilities. Have regular medical check-ups and follow your doctor’s advice. Healthier and smarter choices will keep you fitter for a long time, well into your golden years.
  1. Gratitude: We often forget to count our blessings and be grateful for them, instead focusing on what is lacking in our lives. Your thoughts are compelling and impact your lives deeply. Make a conscious choice to be thankful for the blessings in your life by writing in your gratitude journal every day. A positive and gratuitous outlook enriches your life, keeps many health issues at bay, maintains healthy mental health, and makes your social life more vibrant.
  1. Plan your goals: Your retirement years are all yours, for yourself, when you can live and do as you please. Plan your goals, the interests you would like to pursue, and the dreams you want to fulfil. Planning will help you look forwards to a fulfilling retirement life by indulging in the varied activities offered by senior living communities.
  1. Purposeful life: The retirement years are also when you have time and space to serve humanity by giving back to society. Along with charting out the interests and goals you want to pursue and fulfil, also decide how you would like to serve humanity. Finding a worthy cause and taking it up will add depth and richness to your heart and life.
  1. Mental health: While physical exercise keeps the body fit and healthy, the mind also needs active engagement and mental exercises to keep its sharpness. Make sure to include and practise exercises for the mind like crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, and so on. Practises that bring peace and calm, like meditation, yoga, and tai chi, are all deeply enriching and bring balance and harmony.
  1. Find your tribe: Living in a retirement village is like living in a close-knit community of peers who have all come together to live the best years of their lives. Build your tribe by connecting with like-minded residents who share common interests with you. Invest in and develop lifelong friendships that stand by you through thick or thin and with whom you have a sense of belonging. Close friends are like family; living in retirement villages will become more joyful with your friends walking by your side.