The Cotswolds Retirement Village – a unique established community

Downsizing after retirement and taking advantage of retirement homes is more than just getting away from back-breaking housework. It is also about finding the right home and community that you like and that fits your lifestyle. 

Therefore, it is crucial to determine how you will spend your golden years. This article will cover everything you must know and consider before relocating to a retirement village.

Apart from your finances, we will explore other factors you must consider before choosing a retirement village.

What Is A Retirement Village?

A retirement village is a housing community that functions differently than standard housing development projects. Retirement villages are made explicitly for buyers who are 55 years and above.

The Cotswolds village is one such retirement community that offers excellent recreational facilities to its residents for everyday use. At Cotswolds, you relax in the lounge room with a good book to pass the time or meet with your friends in the communal areas and socialise. 

Apart from this, we also have a heated indoor pool and spa, a private dining room for entertaining guests, a sitting room filled with sunlight overlooking the beautifully manicured gardens, a well-stocked library, a communal kitchen, a games and billiards room, and a beautifully decorated large balcony with a viewing area.

It is a luxury accommodation facility where you can spend the second half of your life in peace, enjoyment, and utmost comfort. At The Cotswolds retirement village, we offer a wide range of options for accommodation to choose from. These include:

  • One-bedroom or studio-serviced apartments
  • One or two-bedroom independent living units
  • Assisted living apartments
  • Accommodation with respite care

You are free to choose anyone that meets your needs and requirements.

Things To Know Before Moving Into Retirement Villages

So, if you are about to retire or are looking for a good retirement home to move into, here are some vital things you must consider about these communities before making a choice.

Your Needs and Requirements

You must identify your needs and requirements to find the right retirement home. Consult with your partner and friends who have experience living in retirement villages.

Having a clear idea of what kind of retirement village facilities you need will help you make the decision quickly and help the management of these communities better guide you. 

For instance, at Cotswolds, we offer a range of healthcare and personal services, including emergency nursing assistance all around the clock, meals, bed change, and cleaning. If you have a clear idea of your needs, it will help us offer you the right services to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

The Location of The Retirement Village

Considering the location of the retirement community is a good starting point. You might want a change in scenery or stay close to your kids and grandkids. In both these cases, location plays a significant role.

When searching for retirement villages, look at how close it is to medical centres, shopping arcades, and public transportation. While you will be provided with transportation options in the community, it is still an excellent option to check out how frequent the public transport is around the area.

Facilities And Amenities Provided

It is natural to expect the best facilities if you spend money on them. Proper well-maintained facilities and amenities not only make life easier but also brings happiness to you.

As mentioned before, Cotswolds offers several recreational amenities to its residents to socialise and spend time. This is also considered one of the significant benefits of living in a retirement community, as you will have no shortage of options to spend your time. Apart from recreation, we also have medical amenities and emergency services at hand to dispense whenever needed by the residents.

Amenities, facilities, and aesthetics make up the foundation of a well-managed retirement village. So, when you visit these communities, keep a lookout for these three to evaluate the place properly.

Sense of Security

Lastly, living within a retirement village gives you the security you do not get when living alone. Many retirement homes come fitted with emergency call systems that the residents use at times of need.

The Cotswolds is not far behind as we prioritise the safety and security of all our residents. We offer round-the-clock emergency nurse call service to all our independent and assisted living units. This particular service is strictly monitored 24/7 by a registered onsite nurse. The communal areas inside the village are also under constant CCTV monitoring to ensure the residents’ security and peace of mind.

Why Choose The Cotswolds Retirement Village For Your Golden Years?

You have worked all of your life, and now it’s time to put away those working boots and relax. At Cotswolds, we consider retirement a time to enjoy and celebrate everything you have done.

It is also the time to catch up with yourself and indulge in those interests and hobbies that you never got the time to pursue. Cotswolds retirement village is designed to provide you with ultimate comfort and relaxation to take a moment to enjoy the golden years.

Contact us today to visit and learn more about the lifestyle you can experience with us.