The Cotswolds Retirement Village – a unique established community

Each of us strives for happiness in our lives, and after working hard in the prime of our lives, we all look forward to living our retirement years peacefully, happily, and comfortably.

Living alone is difficult when you are younger, and living alone in your senior years can be extremely stressful due to age-related health issues. Humans are essentially social beings who need companionship to live happily, which becomes more important in the post-retirement years.

Due to the independent lifestyles of Australians, elders are often left to their own devices without help or a support system. Retirement villages emerged after perceiving the much-needed requirement for a safe place to spend these precious years. A guarded, well-designed community space for retirees is one where they are well looked after and cared for without worrying about their declining strength or health.

The popularity of community living is on the rise. Some of the best retirement villages in Australia are being established around the country.

Let us look at the reasons for their growing popularity and how retirement villages work.

  1. Community Living: One of the best things about living in a retirement village is the community. A strong sense of communal togetherness is something we all look for, and living in a retirement village fulfils this human need. Meeting and connecting with your peer group, who are all looking forward to a blissful retirement, adds to the sense of well-being and positively impacts both physical and mental health. Retirement communities are built around this concept, with all facilities and activities aligning with it. A space to pursue your interests with people who share your interests is where many long-term friendships are born.
  1. Financially viable alternative: Contrary to popular belief, retirement living is more low-maintenance than living alone in your home. Retirement villages offer multiple package options for you to choose from, per your requirements and financial capability. As we progress in age, it gets more difficult to uphold our lifestyle and maintain our homes, both physically and financially. Maintaining the house is a constant requirement, burdening the finances and health. At retirement villages, you do not need to worry over any of this and can choose the facilities you can pay for as per your financial comfort.
  1. Living on your terms: Living in retirement villages is a continuation of your independent lifestyle. The villages are specifically designed with an “ageing in place” concept that allows you to be independent for as long as possible. The grounds and structure are wheelchairs- and walker-friendly, allowing you to move around safely and independently. There are always caregivers nearby if you need assistance or support. The living accommodations are designed with all necessary safety parameters, like handrails, skid-proof floors, motion sensor lighting, and an alarm system, especially in the washrooms. The premises are secure, with 24×7 security at the gate and CCTV cameras in all the common areas.
  1. An active lifestyle: Retirement villages are created in consultation with healthcare professionals who understand the benefits of an active life. There are varied activities offered at the premises for you to take part in: tennis courts, pathways for walking and running, a temperature-controlled swimming pool, gymnasiums and spa facilities, and indoor activities like board games, chess, table tennis, billiards, television lounges, and theatre. Some villages also have mini-golf or golf courses within their premises. Additionally, the operators regularly organise workshops, like book reading, computer skills learning, art and craft sessions, and more. They also organise adventure outings for the more adventurous residents, with all the safety measures in place.

Living in a retirement village may prove to be the happiest part of your life. A life that is like living with your friends and having a lifelong party without any responsibilities. You would not be bothered with everyday expenses, maintenance, chores, etc. All the essential tasks will be done by friendly and well-trained staff and caretakers who look after all your needs and requirements while keeping you safe and secure. You can invite your family and friends over for visits and overnight stays if you stay in a two-room suite. If you enjoy cooking for yourself, some of the best retirement villages in Australia will allow you to do so. The staff also organises transport as and when you wish to venture outside the premises.