The Cotswolds Retirement Village – a unique established community

There are many reasons people choose to settle down and retire in Sydney.  It is the most popular and populated city in Australia, and this offers a variety of opportunities for residents, including our retirees to live an exciting, fun-filled life.  The city offers iconic landmarks, wonderful cafes and restaurants, a vibrant theatre and arts culture and numerous sporting events, and breathtaking parks and waterways, all of which make Sydney a great place to live.

Just because you are retired, doesn’t mean that you can’t live your best life.  Many retirees are opting to spend their retired life in independent living communities.  Many, like The Cotswolds Village, are nestled within bushland settings bringing the wonders of Australian wildlife to your door.

There are many other benefits of retirement communities to help you live a comfortable yet active life. 

Why Move into a Retirement Village?

You have worked hard all your life and now it’s time to relax.  Moving into a retirement village gives you the freedom and flexibility to live your life, to come and go as you please, safe in the knowledge that when or if you need care and services the village is ready to assist you.

Residents can lead a social and active lifestyle among their peers, and enjoy more quality time with their family and friends, while the drudge of household and garden maintenance issues are taken care of by our qualified team.

What are the benefits of living in a Retirement Village?

A sense of belonging:

You form a strong sense of community while living in a retirement village.  Retirement communities offer various opportunities to their residents to connect and interact with each other while still having their personal space. They are provided access to ice-breaking sessions, recreational practices, social activities, and communal space to bond over.


Being socially active is very important as we age.  In 2015, the Australian Bureau of Statistics Census reported that social isolation among the elderly is a growing problem, with over a quarter of elderly Australians living alone after retirement.


Loneliness and social isolations are the leading cause of mental health issues and hospitalisation due to chronic health conditions such as depression.  Moving into a retirement village makes it easy for many to find people with similar interests and by being involved in activities they love; helps them stay active physically and mentally.


A wide range of amenities and care facilities:

There are many “perks” that come from living in a retirement village that you would not get living alone in the family home. Facilities like well-designed accommodation, community transportation to local shopping facilities, entertainment rooms for movies, plays and concerts, a well-stocked library, an indoor heated swimming pool and spa, billiards and games room, and on-site hairdresser and beautician, just to name a few.

Apart from providing top-of-the-class facilities, retirement villages also hire/provide access to licensed and trained professionals to help with health and medical requirements.  These services can include; on-site nursing staff, General Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Dental and Optical care, Hearing Australia and more.


Prime locations:

These days many elderly Australians want to go out and explore nearby sites.  Living in a retirement village in Sydney will place them near the city’s popular tourist spots and establishments. 


They can visit new stores and trendy shops whenever they want and will also have access to the city’s famous museums and galleries.  Many people did not have the time to enjoy these places while working during their youth.  They now want to dedicate time to exploring these sites in their retirement.


Safe and secure living:

Our homes are our haven where we feel secure physically and mentally.  When we are young, we are physically capable of caring for ourselves however, with growing age and increasing health ailments we need support and help from others.


Seniors living alone often worry about their safety and security.  Many retirement villages come with high security, like fencing, security doors, gates, sensor lights, and CCTV cameras. They also have quick access to all the emergency services to call them at times of need.


Living independently:

With the introduction of the Government’s In-Home Support Program, Australians are increasingly adopting the innovative concept of “independent living for longer”.  We want to grow old by living independently in our own homes rather than in aged care.


However, that does not mean staying in our homes forever.  Moving into a Retirement Village is a great option as the villages provide care and services as required, which in turn allows you to stay in your home longer and out of aged care facilities.  


Retirement Villages offer features like motion sensor lights, walker and wheelchair accessibility, handrails, and caring staff that will meet your care needs as required.


In conclusion:

After having worked all your life, you deserve a luxurious break now.  Stop and enjoy life, by living the good life within a Retirement Village Community in Sydney.