The Cotswolds Retirement Village – a unique established community

Retirement is the only stage in life, apart from early childhood when most of us are free of responsibilities and the stress of everyday living.  A stage that we have worked hard all our life to reach and hope to live and enjoy in the best way we possibly can in a secure and comfortable environment.

Over the years, living in a retirement village has become more and more acceptable.

The following are some of the pertinent reasons why people are choosing to live their sunset years in retirement villages:


Retirement years are when one has retired from active work life while the children and family are still busy pursuing their careers and work.  Time alone can become lonely, more so when there is no one to talk to and share with most of the time.  The welcoming environment and planning of retirement villages make them ideal to live and thrive while sharing common space, interests, hobbies and life with your peers.  Loneliness affects mental health and living in a retirement village is healthy for the mind and general overall health, thus making moving into a retirement village a desirable and sensible decision.

Quality Living:

The general atmosphere and warmth, along with trained, friendly staff and caregivers is a fertile ground for improved quality of life.  Frequently, age brings health issues that can make moving around individually difficult, making us rely more and more on someone else to travel or move around our homes and communities.  This factor curtails and constricts our freedom of movement and choice, depending on the schedules and moods of family, friends and caregivers.  In a retirement village, you are free to use the services provided at any time, thus restoring your freedom of choice to live your life as you please. The lifestyle in retirement villages creates a friendly, happy environment leading to fewer health issues and ailments, thereby positively affecting longevity and quality of living.

Low maintenance, stress-free life: 

Owning/renting a house sounds more inviting than it is, with the lifelong upkeep, maintenance, running a household, groceries, chores, and so on, and so forth, which can become extremely taxing on one’s well-being. Add to this the stress of meeting monthly expenses and doing everything yourself, which takes its toll on your health. Retirement home living is comparatively low maintenance financially, and there is no longer the stress of running the place, errands, and chores by oneself. The dedicated staff and amenities specifically trained and designed, keeping in mind the needs and comfort of the seniors, makes moving to a retirement community a desirable life choice. 

Enriching and comfortable lifestyle: 

Most retirement villages are planned and designed as mini-cities that are self-sufficient in all the relevant aspects needed to live a healthy and full life. All the good retirement places to live have the required facilities to make life-enriching promoting an active, healthy, and fulfilling lifestyle.

Facilities like: 

  • Swimming pool with a dedicated coach
  • Spa and gymnasium with trained staff and trainers
  • In-house nurse, medical room, and on-call doctor available 24×7
  • Outdoor sports areas like tennis, golf, and running tracks – are all within the village premises.
  • Common areas for indoor activities like board games, poker tables, billiards
  • In-house theatre and recreation room
  • Library
  • Functional kitchen with professionally trained chef and kitchen staff. Some retirement homes also provide in-room dining services.
  • Café and restaurant on the premises
  • A contracted cab service or personal transport vehicles are owned by the retirement homes for the residents to commute.
  • Proximity to supermarkets and city centres 
  • Business centres
  • In-house financial advisors 
  • Dedicated ambulance service with tie-ups with the hospital in case of emergencies.


Active social life:

Living with people of one’s age is something people of all ages enjoy and welcome. Creating new bonds and friendships adds to well-being, and what better when one can participate in various activities and hobbies with one’s new friends. The retirement communities keep the seniors actively involved by regularly organising multiple workshops and classes.

Activities like:

  • Yoga and meditation classes
  • Water aerobics
  • Adventure activities that are safe for the seniors like hikes, paragliding, rafting, etc
  • Learning new skills like computer skills, a new language, arts and craft
  • Walking clubs and groups
  • Golf outings
  • Knitting or quilting sessions
  • Book clubs
  • Writing Classes
  • Music and dance 


All the reasons mentioned above are enough for many people to choose a healthier, happier, and richer lifestyle in a good retirement village.