The Cotswolds Retirement Village – a unique established community

Retirement Village is a residential complex that is mainly inhabited by pensioners older than 55 who have entered into a form of contractual arrangement with the owner.

1 # What is retirement living property or a retirement village?

Retirement villages are housing projects designed for people over 55 who offer a range of accommodation options, services, and facilities.

The size and level of the accommodation vary, from independent, self-contained accommodation units, villas or apartments, to apartments with daily assistance.

Housing options vary from one to four bedrooms in low, high or medium complex, terraced houses, detached or semi-detached houses.

2 # How to Choose a Retirement Village?

Are you considering living in a retirement village? Here’s what to consider.

Moving to a retirement village is not only a lifestyle decision, but it is also an important financial decision. If it fails, extremely high exit costs may not give you enough money to find an alternative or more suitable accommodation.

So what is the appeal of a retired village?

Residents often cite the lifestyle and sense of community as one of the reasons why people like living in a retirement village. Generally, people who live in a retirement village are extremely friendly, and there is an enormous spirit with active social activities.

3 # How does a retirement village work?

A retirement village offers people independent accommodation and may include shared facilities such as:

Conference Rooms


Swimming Pools.

It can also offer lifestyle services and social activities such as:

Organized Trips

Joint Meals


Visiting Doctors And Related Health Professionals.

Although the staff in some villages have a healthcare background, the service in retired villages generally does not include healthcare.

4 # Checklist for Retirement Village Selection

If you are considering moving to a retirement village and checking the contract, visit a number of retirement villages to compare services, facilities and financial arrangements,

Things to consider:

The services and facilities in the village will still be suitable as you get older. Are there, for example, stairs and are the paths easily accessible?

Is there sufficient parking space for visitors?

Are there facilities in the area such as doctors, shops, hospitals, libraries, churches, clubs and public transport?

Can you make changes to the inside of buildings – for example, if you need a wheelchair?

Do you let someone stay for a visit or withdraw?

Can you have a pet?

Are the grounds pleasant and well maintained?

What are the security measures – for example, is there sufficient external lighting?

5 # Why The Cotswolds Village

Retirement is the time to celebrate everything you’ve achieved. In The Cotswolds Retirement Village, we offer the opportunity to enjoy the joys that arise when work and life are not in the way.

Independent Easy Living

Your retirement years must be an ode to everything you have achieved. Finally, you have time to pursue your favourite interests and to acquire new ones.

Now all you need is a place to make this possible. A warm, welcoming place to enjoy these special years.

Cotswolds Village offers many lifestyle options. It is designed to help you get the most out of your retirement.

What we offer:

Quality accommodation

A relaxed and caring environment

Emergency assistance registered on site 24 hours a day

Visiting GPs and complementary doctors

Award-winning landscaped gardens

Native birdlife and fauna

Comfortable and affordable living options

Well maintained buildings and grounds

Delicious, healthy meals

An active social and recreational program

Located in the green Upper North Shore